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Our lawyers in Toronto are dedicated to the success of our clients. We help avoid complicated legal problems by simplifying processes and planning for the future. Our mission is to provide our clients with smooth transactions and lasting legacies.

With a focus on the areas of law that impact you the most, our lawyers in Toronto are dedicated to your estate, your family and your business.

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    Whether you have to deal with estate planning and administration, real estate matters, or corporate or immigration law,  our lawyers in the Greater Tornot Area, Hamilton and Chatham are standing by to assist you with your legal matter.

    Marlenne Aion Law Partner

    Marlenne Doss

    Marlenne Doss received her LL.B. from Queen’s University in 2004 and was called to the bar in 2005. She is a member of the Law Society of Ontario and brings a breadth of experience to her practice.

    She has appeared before the Ontario Superior Court, the Federal Court of Appeal, and various tribunals including the Immigration and Refugee Board. She has acted as an instructor of paralegal and law clerk courses.

    Previously she worked at a prominent firm specializing in intellectual property law where Marlenne gained exposure to a broad range of corporate, trade-mark, patent, tribunal and Federal Court of Appeal work. She leveraged her previous experiences and founded her own practice in 2008, specializing in the areas of wills and estates, real estate, corporate law and immigration.

    Marlenne brings her wide ranging skills to Aion Law Partners LLP as a founding partner, priding herself on providing the service and experience of a large firm without losing the personal touch, client care and compassion of a small firm.

    Marlenne is also actively involved in providing seminars on various legal topics to her community and to various businesses. She is a proud member of Powerful Women Today, committed to empowering and educating women and girls around the world. Outside of the legal world, Marlenne enjoys travelling, cooking, the theatre, cultural activities and time with her family.

    Languages Spoken: English, Arabic
    Emma Aion Law Partener

    Emma-Christina Michael

    Emma received her JD from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2009 and was called to the bar in 2010.  She is a member of the Law Society of Ontario,  the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association, the Women’s Law Association and the Canadian Hispanic Bar Association.

    While having focused her practice on real estate for over ten years, Emma loves the interplay of estate planning and corporate law as well. She currently focuses her practice in these areas. Believing in educating her clients and the community alike, she frequently provides lectures and seminars to various agencies and organizations on issues related to the firm’s focal areas of business. She is also bilingual and fluent in written and spoken Spanish.

    As a founding partner of Aion Law Partners LLP, Emma is deeply committed to empowering her clients by setting the highest of standards as well as providing them with personal and comprehensive legal services. Working with both large and small clients, uncompromising dedication and commitment are at the core of her practice. From the purchase of property to various investments and business ventures, and ultimately planning a legacy, she takes pride in being part of her clients’ journey through success.

    While appreciating the complexities that come with the practice of law, Emma loves to be lighthearted. She believes working with a lawyer should be a great experience and her personable approach is her trademark.

    Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

    What to Look for When You Need a Lawyer 


    The law is part of our society that we rarely consider until we are forced to deal with it. It is important to have an experienced legal team on your side before an issue arises.

    Aion Law Partners makes it a priority to prevent legal issues before they become a legal issue for you and your loved ones.

    Some Canadians might be intimately familiar with legal concerns. This may be because they are tied up in court as a result of issues with their financial, business, or personal relationships.

    If you have regular contact with the law for business or other reasons, the lawyer in Toronto who represents you should be ready to work as much as possible to keep you and your interests secure for the future.

    At Aion Law Partners, our lawyers in Toronto know how important it is that your lawyer in Durham or elsewhere in the greater Toronto area works to achieve the best possible outcome for you

    Lawyers in Toronto - Aion Law Partners

    Estate Planning


    Preparing your estate is a necessary and responsible measure. Your estate is your legacy, and it’s crucial that you ensure that you safeguard it for the future. However, locating an estate lawyer in North York or elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area can be easier said than done.

    Work with someone who knows the intricacies of estate planning and can help you manage yours. This will give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

    Aion Law Partners has skilled estate lawyers who are ready to assist you and get your estate ready for an orderly transition.

    When you need support as you prepare for tax planning, financial management, blended-family planning, business succession planning, arrangements for dependents, common-law relationships, and more, we’re ready to be the lawyers in Toronto you can rely on.

    Estate Planning - Aion Law Partners
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    Estate Administration


    Administering an estate can be stressful for all involved. If you have been named a trustee,  executor, or administrator of an estate, you shoulder a legal responsibility. That sort of duty requires support from an estate lawyer in Toronto you can trust.

    At Aion Law Partners, our lawyers in Toronto know how complicated and potentially confusing estate administration can be.

    We are here to help, and we want to give you the assistance you need in handling your duties. 

    Our lawyers in Toronto have experience in all aspects of Canadian estate administration, including debt payment, asset preservation and collection, and estate distribution.

    We are here when you need an estate lawyer in Toronto, and we always place our client’s needs first.

    Real estate law


    Owning real estate is a dream many Canadians share. Married couples often place homeownership as one of their top goals, and business matters often involve real estate negotiations and purchases.

    When you have a real estate legal issue, getting a lawyer who knows how to work to get you to your goal can make all the difference.

    Our lawyers in Toronto work with real estate law matters every day, and we’re prepared to give you the help you need.

    Look to Aion Law Partners for assistance in real estate services, including residential and commercial purchases and sales, new builds and condominium purchases, commercial leases, mortgage, and financing transactions, and property transfers and dispositions. Our mission is to make sure you get the representation you need at the quality you deserve.

    Real Estate Lawyer - Aion Law Partners
    Corporate Lawyer in Toronto - Aion Law Partners

    Corporate Law 


    For many of us, our businesses are extensions of ourselves. Our lawyers in Toronto put our hearts and souls into establishing and growing our brands, and we want to make sure that we give ourselves every advantage available when dealing with legal matters.

    Your corporate lawyer in Toronto needs to be your teammate and partner, ready to jump in and help whenever you require assistance.

    Aion Law Partners has experienced corporate lawyers on staff to give you the support you need to deal with all business legal issues you might encounter.

    We are ready to offer advice for structuring your business, and we’re here to lend a hand when you need it. 

    Our services include support for mergers and acquisitions, contract development and negotiations, asset and share sales and purchase transactions, shareholder agreements, risk mitigation, and much more. We’re standing by to handle any corporate legal concerns you might have.

    Immigration Lawyers

    Toronto is, in many ways, a city forged by immigrants. Almost half of the city’s population are immigrants, but unfortunately sometimes crossing international borders is challenging.

    Immigrating brings legal matters, and an immigration lawyer in Toronto needs to have deep knowledge of the law. Further, these lawyers always remember the urgent and powerful nature of their work.

    Immigration law deals with people’s lives, after all, and that is a huge responsibility. A key component of immigration law is assisting people in figuring out their immigration options and Aion Law Partners is here to help you with this process. 

    At Aion Law Partners, we know how important it is to our clients that we represent them faithfully and fully in all immigration matters.

    We have experience with that and can help you with any issue correlated.

    Immigration Lawyers in Toronto

    We have experience working in a range of immigration matters, and we place our client’s needs as a constant priority. 

    Our lawyers in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, and Chatham can assist in all immigration matters, including services for:

    • Temporary resident visas
    • Permanent residence
    • Citizenship
    • Deportation appeals
    • Family sponsoring
    • Intercompany transfers
    • Labour Market Impact Assessments
    • Spousal sponsoring
    Estate Lawyer - Aion Law Partners

    When you need support dealing with immigration law issues, we’re the lawyers in Toronto for your needs.

    Lawyers in the GTA that Work for You


    Almost all of us will need to deal with the law at some point in our lives. The lawyer in Toronto you choose to help you through your legal matters needs to be on your side and ready to fight to help you get through it all. 

    Aion Law Partners aims to help make a difference in people’s lives, one client at a time. If you have legal concerns and need help in estate planning and administration, real estate law, corporate law, or immigration law, our lawyers in Toronto will stand by you every step of the way.