Real Estate Fees

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    Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial real estate transactions including multi-unit, commercial and industrial properties, commercial leasing, commercial financing, etc. are billed hourly, or block fee on a case-by-case basis.

    Residential Purchase

    Purchase Price Under 1M

    Mortgage With Purchase

    Convential/ A Lender
    Private Mortgage (Borrower's Side)
    B Lender Mortgage
    New Home Purchase Interim Closing

    Residential Sale

    Sale Price Under 1M
    Sale Price Over 1M

    Residential Mortgage/Refinance

    Conventional/A Lender Mortgage
    Rush Fee
    B Lender Mortgage
    Private Mortgage – Borrower Side
    Rush Fee
    Private Mortgage – Lender Side
    Private Mortgage under 50k and Representing Both Sides
    Rush Fee


    Real Estate Contract Review (Pre-Construction)
    Standard Review of Status Certificate*
    *Credit to client upon successful completion of purchase transaction.
    Transfer of Title
    Survivorship Application
    Consultation For Any Matter - 30 Minutes
    Trust Agreements
    Trust Agreement during an existing Purchase or Morgage matter $250