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Shareholder Agreements

Learn what Shareholders Agreements do and why they are so critical to business relationships, such as, provisions for investing in the company, how to get out of the corporation in case of conflict, buy and sell provisions, and provisions for death or incapacity.

Power of Attorney For Property

A Power of Attorney for Property is essential to emergency planning for your future. Find out, who can take over your finances if you’re too sick to manage on your own, why you need to draft a Power of Attorney well before you need it, and why it might be too late for some people to draft this vital document.

Power of Attorney For Personal Care

Often referred to as a ‘living will’ this document, find out how to, leave someone legally in charge of your health care and treatment decisions, make decisions ahead of time on what you do or don’t want, and appoint the people you know and trust for when you need it the most.

Matrimonial Homes and Spousal Consent

Spouses have automatic property rights. Dealing with your property may need your spouse’s consent. Find out about, when spousal consent is needed, why spousal consent is needed, separated spouses and consent, and what problems can arise without spousal consent.

Keeping Your Minute Book Up To Date

A corporation is a legal person and documenting its actions is done by updating the corporate minute book. Learn about why having a minute book is important, what goes in the minute book, why you need a minute book in case of an audit, and why the corporate minute book is vital for the sale or investment into a corporation.

Creating a Corporation

Corporations are created for various reasons. Here we discuss what a corporation is, why a corporation is formed, and what you need to do before forming one.

Trust Agreements and Real Estate

Important for investment properties or assisting on mortgage approvals, trust agreements define who really owns a property, despite who is registered, define who is entitled to what, help protect parties who add names to their mortgages for approval purposes, who handles what obligations, and how money or property title will be handled in the future.

What Are The Different Ways To Enter Canada?

There are a variety of ways to immigrate to Canada. Here we discuss ways to enter Canada, questions to ask before immigrating to Canada, and things to consider before choosing on your immigration process.

What Does A Real Estate Lawyer Do?

Real Estate lawyers deal with your interests in property, ranging from, changing title in the land registry, ensuring you get good title to land, registering and facilitating mortgage lending, negotiating property agreements, disputes and interests, and drafting real estate agreements.

What Happens When A Deal Can’t Close?

Real Estate transactions are time-sensitive. Find out why a deal doesn’t close, who is responsible for what, and how to deal with a breach of contract.

What Is An Estate?

An Estate is what someone leaves behind after they pass. Find out more about what assets are dealt with under a Will and which ones are not, why it’s important to know early for tax planning, why it’s important to start planning early.

What Is An Executor?

When someone passes away the Executor is in charge of their affairs. Learn who is in charge of the assets and affairs of someone who passes away, how are decisions made and, who can be appointed.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the process we deal with after someone passes away. Learn more about who is in charge of someone’s affairs after they pass away, what is the process, and what challenges might be faced.

What Your Legal Portfolio Needs

Every adult should have a legal portfolio. This means documents that, document ownership of your assets, provide an emergency plan for dealing with your finances, provide an emergency plan for dealing with your care, plan for death and protecting your assets, and document your business relationships.

Why You Need A Will

Why writing your will can help save you money, why you need a will if you have minor children, why common-law spouses are at risk without a Will, and why drafting your Will is important in a blended family.