Commercial real estate transactions including multi-unit, commercial and industrial properties, commercial leasing, commercial financing, etc. are billed hourly, or block fee on a case-by-case basis.


Residential Purchase

Purchase Price Under 1M

After 1M add $250 for every 500K to the purchase price.

Mortgage with Purchase

B Lender
Private Mortgage (Borrower’s Side)
New Home: Interim Closing

Mortgage with Purchase

Conventional A Lender
Sale Price Under 1M

After 1M add $250 for every 500K to the purchase price.


Real Estate Contract Review

Pre-construction, private purchase/sale.

Residential Discharge of Mortgage
Standard Review of Status Certificate

Credit to client upon successful completion of P transaction.

Transfer of Title
Survivorship Application
Trust Agreement

Trust agreements during an existing P or M matter $400.00.

Change of Name Application
Assignment Purchase
Title Insurance
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