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If you need notarizing and commissioning services, our team can help. It’s common to confuse these terms, but it’s important to understand the difference since it can cost more money unnecessarily, cause delays in completing documents, and could result in the document you submitted being rejected.

The lawyers at Aion Law are both Toronto Notaries Public, and the Commissioners of Oaths; this means we are qualified to perform notary services for clients who require a signature from a registered notary. This includes administering oaths, swearing affidavits and statutory declarations, witness, attest and authenticate the execution of documents.

All parties who are required to sign must be present at our office to sign in front of the commissioner/notary and must provide two pieces of personal identification which includes one valid government issued identification.

At Aion Law we are committed to making the process of notarizing and commissioning of oath as easy -and affordable- as possible. Serving clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Durham Region, we’re ready to assist you with all legal matters involving notarizing and commissioning services. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Notarizing & Commissioning Services

  • Notarization of Documents
  • Certification of Copies
  • Witnessing Signatures
  • Drafting and Commissioning Affidavits
  • Administering Oaths
  • Consent to Travel Documents
  • Verification of Identity
  • Authorization of Minor Child Travel
  • Attesting Documents
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Statutory Declarations Confirming Identity
  • Statutory Declarations of Marital Status
  • Statutory Declarations Pertaining to Ownership of Property
  • Execution/Authentications of International Documents

Notarizing & Commissioning Services

Notarization of Documents

Our notarization services ensure the authenticity of documents for various legal purposes. We verify the identity of the signatories and ensure the document is signed voluntarily and without duress. This service is crucial for a wide range of documents, including legal contracts, power of attorney, and educational certificates, providing them with legal recognition and validity.

Certification of Copies

We provide Certification of Copies services, where we confirm that copies of documents are true and accurate representations of the original documents. This service is often required for legal processes where the original document cannot be submitted and a certified copy is needed for verification purposes.

Witnessing Signatures

Our firm offers Witnessing Signatures services, where we observe the signing of documents and attest to the authenticity of the signature. This is essential for various legal documents, such as wills and property deeds, ensuring that the signatory’s identity is verified and the signature is genuine.

Drafting and Commissioning Affidavits

We specialize in Drafting and Commissioning Affidavits, creating sworn statements that are used as evidence in court. Our role is to ensure that the content of the affidavit is truthful and to administer the oath where the declarant affirms the truthfulness of the statement under penalty of perjury.

Administering Oaths

Our services include Administering Oaths for various legal purposes, including oaths for court proceedings or other legal declarations. We ensure that the individual understands the significance of the oath and the legal obligations that come with making a sworn statement.

Consent to Travel Documents

We assist in preparing and notarizing Consent to Travel Documents, often required for minors traveling without both parents. This document confirms the parents’ consent for the child’s travel, providing assurance to authorities about the legitimacy of the child’s travel arrangements.

Verification of Identity

Our Verification of Identity service is critical in many legal processes. We confirm the identity of individuals for various transactions and legal documents, ensuring that the person presenting the document is who they claim to be, thereby preventing identity fraud.

Authorization of Minor Child Travel

We provide services for Authorization of Minor Child Travel, preparing documents that permit a minor to travel, especially when they are traveling with adults other than their parents or guardians. This service includes ensuring that all necessary permissions are legally documented, providing peace of mind and legal compliance for international and domestic travel.

Attesting Documents

Our firm offers Attesting Documents services, where we officially certify the execution of documents. This service is essential for a range of legal documents, including contracts, agreements, and legal certificates, ensuring their validity and acceptance in legal proceedings.

Letter of Invitation

We assist in drafting and notarizing Letters of Invitation, often required for visa applications. These letters serve as a formal invitation for someone to visit the country, providing necessary details about the purpose and duration of the visit, and the relationship to the host.

Statutory Declarations Confirming Identity

We provide services for drafting and notarizing Statutory Declarations Confirming Identity. These declarations are often required in legal situations where proof of identity is necessary and no other form of identification is available.

Statutory Declarations of Marital Status

Our firm prepares and notarizes Statutory Declarations of Marital Status, which are often required for legal processes like marriage registration in foreign countries, divorce proceedings, or other legal matters where marital status needs to be officially declared.

Statutory Declarations Pertaining to Ownership of Property

We specialize in preparing Statutory Declarations Pertaining to Ownership of Property. These declarations are crucial in property transactions, estate settlements, and in cases where proof of property ownership is required but the standard documentation is not available.

Execution/Authentications of International Documents

Our services include the Execution and Authentications of International Documents. We ensure that documents intended for use in other countries are properly executed and authenticated according to international legal standards, facilitating their acceptance in foreign jurisdictions.

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Notarizing & Commissioning

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Frequently asked questions.

What’s the difference between notarizing and commissioning a document?

Notarizing refers to the act of a notary public verifying the authenticity of documents, signatures, or declarations. Commissioning, on the other hand, involves a commissioner for oaths confirming that an oath or affirmation has been properly administered.

Do I need a notary public or a commissioner for oaths?

It depends on the document. If you need to swear or affirm that the contents of a document are true, you’ll need a commissioner for oaths. If you require authentication of a signature or a document itself, you’ll typically need a notary public.

Are all lawyers notaries and commissioners in Canada?

While not all lawyers are notaries, many are. In most provinces, being a practicing lawyer grants one the authority to act as a commissioner for oaths. However, to act as a notary public, a lawyer usually has to apply and may need additional training or certification.

Why would I need a document notarized?

Documents may need to be notarized to verify their authenticity or the validity of signatures, especially if they’re to be used outside of Canada. Examples include consent to travel documents, affidavits for court, and international business contracts.

How can I verify if someone is a licensed notary or commissioner in Canada?

Most provinces have regulatory bodies or societies that oversee notaries and commissioners. For example, in Ontario, you can check with the Law Society of Ontario or the Ontario Society of Notaries Public. Always verify the credentials of a notary or commissioner before using their services.

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