Aion Law Partners centers itself on the fundamental belief that every client’s story is our own. We are a team of dedicated legal professionals with a rich tapestry of expertise across various practices, guiding individuals and businesses alike through their unique legal journeys.

Our practice areas span estate management, family affairs, and corporate matters, reflecting our commitment to offering comprehensive solutions for the areas that matter most in our clients’ lives.

At Aion Law Partners, we blend deep legal knowledge with a personalized approach, ensuring each client receives the undivided attention, steadfast support, and expert counsel they deserve.

We’re more than a law firm; we’re your partners, standing by your side through every chapter of your story.

Our Mission

Your story, our commitment.

Our mission is straightforward but profound: to advocate for our clients with unwavering dedication and drive their success through effective legal representation. We believe in the power of partnership, viewing our clients not just as case numbers, but as valued individuals each with a unique story to tell.

In every engagement, we strive to be more than just legal professionals; we aim to be trusted advisors, champions of justice, and allies in our clients’ journeys. Our mission is fulfilled when we’ve not only achieved favorable legal outcomes but have also cultivated strong, lasting relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual success.

Our values.

Our work is anchored by four core values: Integrity, fostering honest and transparent dealings; Compassion, understanding each client’s unique story; Excellence, pursuing the highest standards in our work; and Partnership, building enduring relationships with our clients.

These values are the guiding principles behind our commitment to serve you.


Meet the team.

Emma Michael - Founding Partner

Emma Michael


Marlenne Doss - Founding Partner

Marlenne Doss


Norm MacDonald - Lawyer

Norm MacDonald


Shubham Sindhwani - Lawyer

Shubham Sindhwani