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    At Aion Law Partners, we understand the challenges individuals face on their legal journeys, and we’re here to help. Our team of skilled and trusted lawyers is committed to practicing in the areas of law that impact people and companies every day. We’re ready to offer our experience and expertise to navigate you through any legal matter.

    Why Us?

    • Experience and expertise: We have a team of lawyers with extensive experience in a variety of legal areas.
    • Client-focused approach: We put our clients first. Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and goals. We believe in building long-term relationships based on trust, communication, and transparency.
    • High-quality service: We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We are known for our attention to detail, responsiveness, and dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes.

    We provide legal services in the following areas of practice

    Estate Planning

    Our Estate planning lawyers address a variety of matters. Important aspects include the following:

    • Tax Planning
    • Financial Management
    • Dependents, such as minors or people with disabilities
    • Planning for the blended family
    • Succession planning for your business
    • Multi-jurisdictional assets
    • Common law relationships
    • Medical care and treatment preferences

    Our Estate Planning services in Toronto include:

    • Will Drafting
    • Establishing Trusts (including Family Trusts, Spousal Trusts, Henson/Disability Trusts, Insurance Trusts, Alter Ego Trusts, and Joint Spousal Trusts)
    • Powers of attorney for personal care
    • Powers of attorneys for property
    • Guardianship Applications
    • Business Succession Planning

    Our estate planning lawyers in Toronto take a comprehensive approach to estate planning that goes beyond simply distributing assets after death. We consider all aspects of estate planning, including healthcare, guardianship, and tax. We understand that every client’s situation is unique, and we strive to create customized estate plans that reflect their individual needs and goals. We have extensive experience in estate planning, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and probate, and stay up to date with the latest legal developments to deliver the best service. You can trust that your wishes will be carried out and your loved ones will be provided for when you work with Aion Law’s lawyers in Toronto.

    Estate Administration

    Estate administration is the legal process of managing the affairs of a deceased individual and distributing their assets among beneficiaries. The person, people, or sometimes company, appointed to handle that process legally are called trustees, executors, or administrators.

    The executor’s role is extensive, involving responsibilities such as paying debts, filing tax returns, safeguarding assets, collecting assets, and distributing the estate to lawful heirs. An improperly managed estate can lead to complications and costly outcomes.

    Aion Law Partners in Toronto offer expert guidance on estate administration. Our experienced lawyers possess the knowledge necessary to navigate you through the process while ensuring that all legal requirements are met. Regardless of whether you are an executor, beneficiary, or any other interested party, we will provide you with a clear understanding of your rights and obligations, allowing you to make informed decisions and protect your interests.

    What can our estate lawyers in Toronto help you with?

    Drafting a Will

    Planning for the future is important, especially when it comes to ensuring that our possessions are passed on to our loved ones. A family estate lawyer can help you prepare your affairs in advance to ensure that your friends and descendants are able to benefit.

    Establishing Trusts

    It’s important to ensure that your capital is well-managed and passed to your beneficiaries in a way that preserves your wealth and minimizes tax issues. A trust is an ideal solution that allows you to establish a long-term plan for your family or business and direct asset administration according to your wishes. They are vehicles where you put your assets in, for the benefit of someone, which are used to avoid probate, maintain confidentiality, and maximize tax exemptions in some cases. Some commonly used Inter Vivos (established while you are alive) trusts are Family Trust, Alter Ego Trust, Joint Partner Trust or Spousal Trust and Disability Trust. Testamentary Trusts are created through a Will where assets under a Will are directed into a trust. Testamentary Trusts can also be useful, including Qualified Disability (Henson) Trust, Lifetime Benefit Trust, and Spousal or a Common-law Partner Trust.

    Business Succession

    If you own a business in Canada, you need to plan ahead and prepare for succession. Your business is in many respects a part of you, and it’s essential to ensure that you arrange for a smooth and orderly transfer of leadership. A business succession plan provides peace of mind and tools to set sale prices, exit dates, and handle administrative and tax issues in advance. Aion Law Partners’ estate lawyers in Toronto specialize in creating business succession plans that cater to your specific needs. We can set up Secondary Wills or Multiple Wills to assist with your business planning. We will also help you fill in gaps your corporation may have, such as missing Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, and Powers of Attorneys. Lastly, an important part of business succession planning is establishing and updating the corporate minute books, which we can assist you with.

    Estate Administration

    Administering a loved one’s estate can be a challenging experience. The trustee, also called executor or administrator, must ensure that all assets are distributed, collected, or preserved. Our Wills and Estates lawyers in Toronto can help you navigate potential problems in estate administration and fulfill your duties with care and love. We will also assist you in calculating the probate fees owed. This process is commonly referred to as the Probate process.

    Real Estate Law

    Real estate investments are a common part of most financial portfolios. They often represent the largest investment people make, can generate significant revenue, and be a crucial part of business. At Aion Law, our team of lawyers in Toronto have extensive experience and knowledge in assisting clients with all their real estate matters.

    At Aion Law, our lawyers in Toronto give you the right advice on how to hold title to your properties and how to manage your assets long-term. This might include tax considerations and succession planning, as well as contingency planning for dealing with your assets during difficult times or circumstances. Engaging a skilled real estate lawyer can help safeguard your investment by negotiating on your behalf and avoiding common errors and pitfalls.

    Residential real estate services in Toronto include:

    • Residential purchases, sales, and mortgage transactions
    • New build house and condominium purchases and assignments
    • Mortgage and financing transactions (including refinancing and reverse mortgages)
    • Private lending transactions
    • Property transfers and dispositions (adding someone on title or removing someone from title)
    • Status Certificate reviews
    • Survivorship Applications
    • Land Severances and Development
    • Adding someone on title as a joint tenant or tenant in common
    • Severance of joint tenancy
    • Joint Venture Agreements
    • Trust Agreements as related to real estate
    • Assignment Agreements
    • Co-Ownership Agreements

    Commercial Services include:

    • Commercial purchases and sales
    • Commercial leases
    • Mortgage and financing transactions (including refinancing)
    • Private lending transactions
    • Property transfers and dispositions
    • General and limited partnerships
    • Construction agreements
    • Deeds of conveyance
    • Encroachment agreements
    • Purchase and Sale agreements
    • Negotiating and preparing commercial lease agreements
    • Commercial lease enforcement
    • Commercial lease reviews and opinions with respect to acquisition of commercial properties

    Corporate Law

    Our Corporate lawyers in Toronto are vital allies for businesses and shareholders, helping to structure transactions, draft documents, and negotiate deals while mitigating liability issues and potential conflicts. By partnering with Aion Law, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands. Our team of expert lawyers possess a comprehensive understanding of corporate law and provide extensive support for your business needs.

    Our personalized approach involves collaborating with you to ensure that your business operates as desired, maintains proper records, and ensures that your agreements are in order. Trust us to be your advisors for all your corporate legal needs.

    Services include:

    • Strategic Business Planning for Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships and Joint Ventures
    • Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, and Joint Venture Agreements
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Contract Negotiations, Drafting and Review
    • Business Loans and Security Transactions
    • Corporate Minute Book creation and maintenance/updates
    • Asset Sale and Purchase transactions
    • Share Sale and Purchase transactions
    • Corporate Reorganizations and Restructuring
    • Business Succession Planning, including Powers of Attorneys and Secondary Wills
    • Advising on managing risk, areas of liability, and compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Commercial Lease Agreements negotiations, Drafting and Review


    At Aion Law, our team of lawyers in Toronto are dedicated to helping clients find solutions for their immigration cases. We take pride in representing families, individuals, and businesses of all sizes in immigration and refugee law cases. Whether you need assistance with temporary or permanent resident applications, immigration appeals, refugee status claims, or any other immigration matter, we offer a comprehensive approach to legal consultation and result-oriented client service. You can trust us to provide urgent attention and assistance when you need it most.

    We can help with the preparation of all immigration-related documents, and offer a broad range of immigration services including the following:

    • Canadian Temporary Resident Visa Service (TRP)
    • Canadian Permanent Residence Immigration
    • Immigration Appeals‚ Hearings and Interviews
    • Canadian Citizenship Services
    • Deportation Appeals
    • Business immigration matters, including intercompany transfers and Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs)
    • Study Permits, Work Permits, Visitor Permits
    • Family Sponsoring
    • Spousal Sponsoring
    • Refugee Protection Claims
    • Immigration appeals to the Board and the Federal Court
    • Detention appeals
    • Pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA)
    • Provincial Nominee Programs
    • Record suspensions
    • US Waivers

    Notarizing and Commissioning

    At Aion Law in Toronto, we understand that notarizing and commissioning documents can be a confusing process for many individuals. This can lead to additional expenses, delays in document processing, and even the possibility of rejection.

    The lawyers at Aion Law in Toronto are both Notaries Public, and Commissioners of Oaths. This means we are qualified to perform notary services for clients who require a signature from a registered notary. This includes administering oaths, swearing affidavits and statutory declarations, witness, attest and authenticate the execution of documents and provide certified notarial copies of documents and IDs.

    To ensure the process runs smoothly, all parties who need to sign must be present at our office and provide two pieces of personal identification, including one valid government-issued identification. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation to discuss your notarizing and commissioning needs.

    Litigation Services

    At Aion Law Partners, our litigation lawyers in Toronto understand that litigation disputes can be stressful, regardless of whether you are seeking justice or defending against an accusation. Our litigation lawyers are equipped to help you navigate the process by providing honest and accurate advice that is tailored to your specific situation. Our team has over four decades of trial experience and has represented clients before all courts in Ontario, the Federal Court of Canada, the Tax Court of Canada, and the Supreme Court.

    Civil Litigation services for:

    • Personal Injury
    • Accident Benefits
    • Insurance Claims
    • Wrongful Dismissal
    • Estate Litigation
    • Civil Lawsuits
    • Tax Litigation
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Cross-Border Commercial Litigation

    Examples of successful tax resolution and representation services include:

    • We have successfully negotiated many tax amnesty applications with the CRA
    • We have successfully negotiated payment plans with the CRA and the provincial Ministry of Revenue
    • We have had tax liens removed
    • We have successfully sued a firm of accountants that gave wrong tax advice to a client
    • We have advised on the formation of asset protection structures in various offshore jurisdictions
    • We have successfully represented both employers and employees in wrongful dismissal and human rights claims and advised on the tax implications of their awards

    Paralegal Services

    Our paralegals in Toronto are well-versed in handling Landlord and Tenant issues and Small Claims Court matters across Ontario, and they are highly regarded for their exceptional work. They will assist you in comprehending your legal rights and obligations. Our paralegals have extensive experience in managing properties, such as residential and apartment buildings, and offering tenant services. They have worked alongside agencies, management companies, and investment property owners, providing them with a wealth of knowledge. We value your journey through the court or the tribunal system and make every effort to ensure that both you and your legal problems are handled with care and respect.

    Services include:

    • Small Claims Court Services
    • Tribunal Advocacy, including the Landlord Tenant Board (LTB)
    • Debt Collection

    Family Mediation

    At Aion Law, we understand that family conflicts can be difficult and emotionally charged. That’s why we offer family mediation services to help families resolve disputes and reach mutually acceptable agreements. Our goal is to help you find a peaceful and collaborative solution that works for everyone involved.

    What is Family Mediation?

    Family mediation is a process where a neutral third-party mediator helps family members resolve conflicts and make decisions together. Mediation is a voluntary process and is often used in situations where families are struggling to make important decisions, such as custody arrangements, support payments, and property division. It is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and can be binding and final, or not.

    Our experienced mediators at Aion Law in Toronto can help you navigate the family mediation process with sensitivity and care. We are trained to facilitate constructive conversations and provide a safe and supportive environment for all parties involved.

    Some of the areas we can help with include:

    • Separation and Divorce
    • Parenting
    • Family Business

    Aion Law is dedicated to assisting families in finding peaceful and respectful solutions to their conflicts. Our mediators are experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to helping you find a solution that suits your family’s needs. Confidentiality, impartiality, and fairness are our top priorities, and we strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for all involved parties.

    Cross-Border Commercial Litigation

    At Aion Law, we understand that cross-border commercial disputes can be complex, challenging, and expensive. These types of disputes can involve multiple jurisdictions, legal systems, and languages, making it difficult for businesses to navigate on their own. This is why our experienced lawyers in Toronto are here to help you resolve your cross-border commercial litigation issues efficiently and effectively. We represent clients in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, technology, and finance, among others.

    Some of our services include:

    • Case Assessment and Strategy Development: Our lawyers will assess your case, help you identify your options, and develop a strategy tailored to your specific situation.
    • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: We will work with you to explore alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, to help you reach a timely and cost-effective resolution.
    • Representation in Court: When necessary, we will represent our clients in court, advocating for their interests and protecting their rights.
    • We can assist you with bankruptcy and insolvency, insurance litigation, asset tracing, and fraud.
    • Our lawyers specialize in countries around the world including the Caribbean (places such as the Bahamas, Grenada, and Trinidad).

    With our expertise in dispute resolution, international insolvency, global litigation, offshore litigation, and commercial litigation, we are well-equipped to assist you in navigating the complexities of cross-border commercial disputes. Our goal is to provide you with effective legal representation and guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring the best possible outcome for your business.

    Estate Planning Packages


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    Have an Estate Planning question?

    No Problem.

    A well-thought-out estate plan will address the ownership of your financial assets, the tax implications that will be imposed on the future, the financial and legal needs of your beneficiaries, and the complexity of your own life. 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Simply put, a Will expresses your desires when it comes to how your affairs and your things are dealt with after you’re gone. Most people usually think a Will is only for identifying who gets what, but the reality is that it’s so much more than that.

    Writing your Will means you choose who is legally appointed to carry out its terms. This person, people, or party is responsible to everyone (including the government) that your wishes are carried out correctly. When you don’t have a Will, having one appointed can often be time consuming, costly and can create conflicts.

    Wills do other things as well. They create tax planning strategies, provide guardianship provisions for minors, and have an undeniable emotional value to the people we care about. If you pass away without one, the law will dictate who will inherit your assets. These laws often exclude a variety of different types of relationships, making writing one especially important to care for those who are not blood or legally related.

    The benefits are numerous and vary for each person. That’s why it’s very important to consult a lawyer to help walk through your circumstance.


    Estate planning is a process that involves planning for after death affairs. Its focus is to manage and arrange your assets and affairs while you’re living, so that you leave the most behind to those you care about, while dictating exactly who and how they will be managed.

    While there is often a big emphasis on tax planning, estate planning also involves managing relationships among, and between, the people closest to us at the time of passing.


    Common law spouses do not share automatic protection in the case of death without a Will. This can often be disastrous and challenging for a common-law partner who has shared most aspects of life with you, and the importance of a Will cannot be overstated.

    If a common-law partner is not related to someone who has passed away without a Will, they will be left to commence a claim for what they may be entitled to. That’s usually a long and costly battle that most people don’t want to take, especially in the context of grieving.

    If you’re in a common-law relationship, a Will is critical to protecting your partner and planning should take priority.


    If you have assets located out of the country, it’s prudent to talk about future planning with your lawyer. While you can have a Will that works internationally, we have found that this can often create delays and complications in finalizing your affairs after death. Each country has its own set of succession laws and having a plan that works seamlessly with all jurisdictions is not always easy. Not to mention language differences that can create additional hurdles.

    We often recommend that in such cases a Will be made for each jurisdiction, therefore separating the administration process down the line. This strategy often saves your estate costs and headaches, which can be worth the time it took to plan it.


    When you have children or dependents, you are legally obligated to care for them. This means that your Will should anticipate their needs and provide terms to ensure your children or dependents are taken care of.

    Most notably is the care for such minor(s) or dependent(s). Who will take carriage, if needed, is an important topic that should be addressed. This includes both physical carriage as well as financial carriage.

    If someone passes without a Will and has children or dependents, a government body will typically step in to ensure that the minors or dependents are taken care of. Ultimately a plan will be created to make up for the lack of planning, but this may not reflect your wishes. It also might lead to disagreements and court battles.

    Writing your Will ahead of time ensures that you create measures to appoint guardians for your minor children or dependents, so that they are well cared for in the case of urgency.


    If you lose the capacity to deal with your own affairs, your Power of Attorney document will appoint someone to make those decisions for you. If you don’t have a Power of Attorney document, it will depend on whether the decision to be made on your behalf is financial or health-related.

    In the case of health-related decisions, your family is entitled to make decisions for you. In Ontario, the Health Care Consent Act provides for that, although any specific decisions you may have wanted will not be addressed.

    In the case of property or financial affairs, there is no law that grants someone the automatic right to deal with your finances and a guardian must be appointed. This appointment is usually handled by either a government body, the Public Guardian and Trustee, or appointed by the Court.

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